About Us

CSU, Inc. has been in business since 1989 and was known as Cable Specialists Unlimited. In 1997 we incorporated and became CSU, Inc. The business is operated by Lori L. Paul and her husband Brian R. Paul, and is a certified “WBE” with the “City of Indianapolis” and the “State of Indiana”. Since its establishment in 1989 by Brian Paul in a small shop in Indianapolis, CSU, Inc. has maintained a strong commitment to integrity and meeting the needs of each customer. Today, under the direction of the same family of employees who started CSU, Inc., our team has grown to dozens of employees and has the ability to meet your needs in a wide verity infrastructure construction services. Please let us know what we can do for you.


Our mission is to be the premier, single-source provider of a wide range of directional drilling, areal and fiber optic installation and testing services. We want to be sought after for our safety, quality and customer satisfaction. A company that is known for its commitment to finding a solution for every customer's unique needs and for an excellent customer experience from the request for quote through job fulfillment. Safety, Quality and Customer Satisfaction are the core values our business embraces which continue to make us a very successful and sought after Utility Contractor.


We are a continually growing and financially strong company that places great emphasis on its people. Our entire organization is committed to our values, which are part of our culture of distinction. Our management is known for its leadership, which focuses on helping our employees grow in their character as a person, competency as an employee and connection with each other. We hold each other accountable for our performance and behavior. We act responsibly towards the environment and our communities. Our facilities are safe, clean and well maintained, consistent with our values. Our goal each and every day is to treat your backyard as if it were ours. Give us an opportunity to give you the experience you deserve in completing your infrastructure construction needs.